Welcome on the course or camp on Sandvikengården!

Sandvikengården annually organizes courses with different focus for all ages.

The course conducted most years is our confirmation course held in more than 50 years. It will catechist from across the country for four weeks ponder life's questions. An experience you will remember for a long time! Sign preferably at least a year in advance!

It is also a tradition of craftsmanship course Old Times on Sandvikengården. To old times, participants of all ages for over one week to learn a craft. Newest in the range is SandvikenSPA, days with focus on inner and outer well-being for women only!

Learn more about our events below.

Sunning 170
Retreat - "God's Loving Look"
3 - 5 May 2019
In today's society goes much of our time is spent communicating with other people. Ping e-mails, phone calls, radio and TV broadcasts around the clock. The world is big and we want to keep up. Modern man is constantly connected, constantly reachable. But amid this whirl of information, it is easy to lose grip on the soul.

28 - 31 July 2019
The information below comes from the camp 2018, updated provisionally in April.
A Christian sports camp for you between 14 and 18 who wants to do something more than just eating ice cream this summer!

Autumn Conference
big and small

27 - NUMBER of September
We hope that the fall conference will provide all participants, regardless of age, an opportunity to grow in faith in the living God in a good and warm fellowship. The weekend will mainly be characterized by teaching and gudsjänst, but there is also time for reflection, conversation and socializing. Everything in Sandviken farm's amazing environment. Come and let yourself be filled by the word of God, with the inspiration of your faith in community with new and old friends!

confirmation Camp
confirmation Camp

17 Jun - July 11 2020
On confirmation camp, you ask questions and think about life's most important questions. Experiencing a nice community, have a lot of fun and make new friends for life and discover who Jesus is and decide if he means something to you.
Now we also receive notifications to confirmation camp 2021!

26 - 30 August 2019

This is the week for you who is not a sporting winner nor intend to be. But you might want some advice and guidance about your personal health and wellbeing.
GT 2013
Old times

15 July -20 July 2019
Almost fully subscribed each year, with about 80 participants and leaders on Old Times, choose a craft for the whole week, Monday to Saturday.
music Camp
Music Camp!

31 July - 3 2019 we invite all children and young people between the 8 - 15 years our popular song and music days! The program contains a lot of singing and music, where we work on the basis of a theme or a musical.

SPA 2013

20 - 23 July 2019
What better than to use the stunning, secluded location at the lake in the forest close to some relaxing days and women of all ages. Days with focus on inner and outer well-being.
All Saints Camp
All Saints Camp!

31 - 3 Nov
All Saints Camp is a camp for those who are thinking of, or have a desire for, the depth of the Christian faith. During the camp there will be exciting teaching, lovely evening cafes and fast paced worship!


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