All Saints Day 2019, Thursday 31 October - Sunday 3 November

Theme: "HOME" Close 15: 11-32

All Saints' Camp 2019 is not yet planned, the information below applies to the camp 2018, but this year's information will appear here in the autumn.

This year's theme is "HEM?"

Most of us have a physical home consisting of a family, a house, a bed to sleep in. Despite this, we feel the will. There is something missing.
In Close 15: 11-32, we meet and recognize ourselves in a young person who leaves his home for the unknown, an older brother who bitterly stayed and a loving dad who longs for both of them to return home. We explore a topic that is about our will, our search and our desire for home.


Welcome! we wish in the planning group! (Emilia Månsson and Sofia Fransson)

During the camp you will have the opportunity to choose three seminars to go on.
(Unlike previous years, you will be able to choose different kinds of seminars each time during the three occasions given during the camp.)

The tracks are:All Saints 2018

Friday 13.30
Bible Seminar - Christian in everyday life
Bible Seminar 17 + - Friendship
KRIK - sports in various shapes, outdoors
Worship Workshop
Syjunta bible embroidery

Friday 16.00
Bible Seminar - Apologetics
Bible Seminar 17 + - Identity
KRIK - sports in various shapes, outdoors
Worship Dance

Saturday 13.30
Bible Seminar - Friendship
Bible Seminar 17 + - Heaven
KRIK - extreme edition
improvisational theater

For questions, please contact:
Emilia Månsson 073-825 20 30 Sofia Fransson 070-30 42 606


The notification before 7 / 10: 800 kr
From 11 / 10 until 25 / 10: 900 kr
The fee is payable on site when checking in by card or via swish.

Sign up now!

More information

The conference is organized by the municipality of Sandvikengård, SALT - children and young people in the EFS in western Sweden and the EFS Sandvikengården.

All of 15 years and older are welcome at the conference ..

For more information:
Contact Sandvikengården or any member of the planning team if you have any questions.

Deadline for registration 25 October. Sign happy here on the website!

If you are over 16 years and want to earn the camp by helping in the kitchen at half-time, you do not pay a campfire fee. However, we do not have the opportunity to engage more than four people in this way. Responsible for the kitchen is Sandvikengård's regular staff - so your task only consists of simple kitchen assignments, cleaning and dishes. This means that you will miss some seminars and / or other activities. You are required - state in the notification that you want to be a kitchen aid!
canteenWhat should I pack?
Sheets, bible, notebook, pen, good shoes for the race. Customize your packaging according to which seminars you choose, for example, KRIK requires you to be outdoors and touch you. Socks and a scarf can be nice to have. In addition, we will pick up a little clothes racket to collect money under the camp - start cleaning your wardrobe right now and bring what you do not need so that someone else can enjoy it.


Thursday 1 / 11

Check 15.30
17.30 Dinner
19.00 Vesper
20.30 Evening Fika
21.30 Sunnight
23.00 Completorium

Friday 2 / 11

Up 08.30
09.00 Breakfast
09.45 Laudes
10.00 Bible Study
11.00 Small groups
12.00 Sept.
12.15 Lunch
13.30 Seminar I
15.30 Refreshments
16.00 Seminar II
17: 30 Afternoon
19.00 Vesper
20.30 Evening snacks
21.15 Completorium

Saturday 3 / 11

Up 08.30
09.00 Breakfast
09.45 Laudes
10.00 Bible Study
11.00 Small groups
12.00 Sept.
12.15 Lunch
13.30 Seminar III
15.30 Refreshments
16.00 Collection to Iraq and the municipality
17: 30 Afternoon
19.00 Vesper with fair
21.00 Evening snacks

21.45 Sunnight
23.00 Completorium

Sunday 4 / 11

Up 08.30
09.00 Breakfast
10.00 Cleaning
11.00 Chapel
13.00 Lunch and subsequently dismissed


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