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All Saints Day 2020, Thursday 29 October - Sunday 1 November

NOTE The following information applies to the camp in 2019, this year's information will be published here this fall.

Now it's finally time for the Allhelgian farm again! For those who are curious or want to deepen your Christian faith, hang out with beautiful people and spend a part of the autumn promise at a Sandvik farm in autumn shoots, this is the obvious choice.
Sign up here! Deadline for the discounted price is 9 October.

This year's theme is GOD'S PLAN.

"In the beginning God created heaven and earth ..." ... and as the crown of the work he created people with whom he loves and wants to have a relationship. But when God of love gives people a free will, evil enters the world which means that people and God can no longer be together. Now, something must happen in order for it to be as God wants.

What is God's plan for the world? Is God satisfied with all the evil in the world today? Why did God give man a free will and why is it needed? What happens after we die and how is it in heaven?

At this camp, we want to get to the bottom of God's plan, because we believe that understanding it can really be helpful in the relationship with God, myself and others. Therefore, we will go through the central parts of history step by step during Bible study and worship.

We are really looking forward to a really good camp with you, warm welcome!
/ Principal, Emilia Månsson and Sofia Fransson


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