Old Times - modules 2020

Select at least two modules and rank your choice when registering.
At least five paying adult participants required for a module can be implemented.

Fence yard, teach you to tie your own yard!

On the course you will learn how to calculate how much wood it takes. How and when to chop it, and how to prepare it. Taking bands and teaching you to share them, and putting down disturbances, laying in slans and tying the chin. Can't be more environmentally friendly garden, no wire or nail.
Include small ax, scarf or clearing knife, as well as undressing clothes.

Leader: Stefan Olander, experienced farm builder from Hälsingland


Come and learn the basics of timber art. A great opportunity to work together with others and share the knowledge and experience of others and share their own. We start in the woods and look at how to choose suitable timber and how to get the timber naturally impregnated with nature's help. We go through different types of knots and timber techniques that have been used for centuries in Sweden. We timed a Kåta or if you want a flower box to take home to gild your garden with. Feel free to bring an ax if you have one that you enjoy.
Max 5 participants

Leader: Peter Lingvall, Brunskog

Genealogy - you start

The family history is to travel in time.
You get to meet people who lived in centuries past and learn about places and environments that have long since disappeared. Your transport is the church books and other historical documents, are now readily available to anyone, directly in your PC via the Internet.
It is a journey, not kings or the history of warfare, but a journey of discovery in your own history. Who knows where you end up - perhaps in cottages or cabins palace, perhaps in rectories or circus tent.
Join us on a trip!
This course is for beginners who want to get started in genealogy. It provides the expert guidance basic knowledge of how to begin family history, what books you have benefited and the archives containing the information you seek. Right from the start, you work practically to search the archives with the help of a computer, you disposal throughout the course. Teacher training interspersed with discussion and own practical work.
As the database is used mainly ArkivDigital besides some other databases. The book "The Way to Your Roots" (Ewa Nilsson), you can buy for about 220kr. As prerequisites, you should have basic computer skills.

Leader: Hans Olsson, Forshaga


Fresh wood

A course for both beginners and the slightly more experienced, we start by talking about safety and different handles. Moves on to cut out substances from fresh wood, and then we go to the tent. There are many nice things to do here on everything from potato stick to spoons and many other things in between.
We try carving, colourising, using a soap horse and decorating our products.
If you have, please bring your own tools such as a knife, a spoon knife, a basket cutter and an ax. Otherwise, there are tools to borrow.
Maximum 8 participants fit in this group.

Jennie Almroth, Sunne


Emil & Ida

Children have their own morning assembly and proprietary activities when parents work with handicrafts. Sooner did the child's own toys of cones and other things they found. We try to create the kind of thing we find today, like toilet rolls, milk cartons or plastic toys. Bring some broken toys or other things that are not used anymore, so we will see what it can become.


Emil and Ida


Come and learn traditional braids in willow bark! Arrow grown for crafts is a delicious natural material with different properties that you learn about. We work with basic techniques where everyone can be involved. One will make one or more round baskets with braided bottom and handles. Think for yourself what the basket is for — berries, mushrooms, firewood, pillows, yarns, gadgets and stuff to store. Everyone gets individual guidance. One can also braid an oval basket on the Catalan bottom which is fantastic as a mushroom basket or purse. In addition, one can make a bird table, cones to plants or perhaps an angel or a Christmas tree in the arrow! The arrow is bought on the course by the teacher, who also has individual secateurs and arrow braiding sails for sale. If you have a thick scar, a good scissor and a sharp knife, and a weight of 3 - XKK at home, take it with you.

Leader: Miriam Göransson

acrylic Painting

Painting with acrylic paint is exciting. This course is aimed both at you who have previously tried to paint with acrylic paint. But also to you who have never tested, but want to develop this interest during an inspiring summer week ..

Here technical and material knowledge of practical exercises takes place indoors - or if the weather permits, in the heat of summer summer ...

Unlike oil paints that have been in use for centuries, acrylic paint is a relatively new (1900 century) phenomenon in the color world. The strength of the acrylic paint is its flexibility, making it suitable for many different painting techniques. Acrylic paint is also water-based, making it easy to thin. This also eliminates the problems with health-friendly solvents that oil paints are often associated with
Leader: Tommy Bergström



Learn hot forging traditionally with hammer and anvil. We start from the beginning with the most basic techniques and throw a piece of jewelry and a hook. After that, the participants can themselves think about which direction they want so that everyone can throw on the level they themselves are. In previous years, everything has come from candlesticks and hasps to knife blades and pliers. Regular technical reviews are supplemented with personal supervision in form, function and craftsmanship. Include naked clothes in natural materials. Other equipment is available, but if you have your own safety goggles, hearing protection, gloves or tools, it is preferable.

Editorial: Gustav Thane, Habo


Welcome to a week in the wool world

The course gives you the basics of how to rope and work with wool. Wool from a fabulous natural material and the only limitation is your own imagination. We play, test and create amazing woolly things using soap and water. Tips, tutorials, wool and soap are in place and if you want you can bring your own material yourself.
Leader: Chatarina Wessling, Brunskog

play and create in wool

Farm fixer

If you do not find a suitable craft, but still want to experience the Community of Old Times. You instead make an effort Sandviken farm's future. You can build a playground equipment, repair, jogging paths, paint some of the houses, or make a trätrallgång. Maybe it will be an effort in the kitchen.
You choose what and how much you want to do. For participants in the "Farm fixer" assumes, of course, no course fee, but the current board fee.


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