Autumn conference for young and old 9 - 10 October 2020.

The information below is from 2019, information on the Autumn Conference 2020 will be published here during late summer.

The theme is "First, the gospel must be preached to all people"

"For me, all power has been given to us in heaven and on earth. Therefore, go out and make all the people disciples: baptize them in the Father and the Son and the name of the Holy Ghost, and teach them to keep all the commandments I have given you. And I'm with you every day until the end of time. ”

We have received eternal life as a gift from God who loves us with a love without conditions, but paradoxically, we have also received a command. We shall do as the Son. We will pass on the Father's love to everyone we meet. How do we do that?

We dare to put all our own aside, stand before God. and let his loving gaze glance at us and get to know God in the same way as we get to know the sun when we let it shine on us?

Do we dare to look at ourselves with the gaze of God and realize that before all else, with his love, has he claimed us?

Do we dare to stand vulnerable in the fabric of relationships that we are part of? Can we then also understand that those who are in contact with us first communicate with God who has created them?

Do we dare to connect with others so that we can exchange thoughts about life?

Is this the courage required to spread the happy cattle?

Naked In God

We hope that the Autumn Conference will give all participants, regardless of age, an opportunity to grow in faith in our living God in a good and warm community. The weekend will be characterized primarily by teaching and worship, but there is also time for self reflection, conversation and togetherness. Everything in Sandvikengård's fantastic environment. Come and be filled with God's living words, inspired by your faith in fellowship with new and old friends!


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