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Retreat 3 - May 5 "God's Loving Look"

Welcome to share the Bible, prayer and worship on Sandvikengården

Man has always sought ways to get back "to himself," to draw strength or seek recovery. Often we focus
us on the body and what it needs, but if we are to go all the way, we must also think of the soul. One way to do that is through the retreat. It is an opportunity to give yourself a few days to live in seclusion and tranquility. An opportunity to catch up with yourself, get time
to reflect on what is important in life and to listen to and be close to God.
Swedish church, ETUC and Sandvikengården invites to quiet days together with Jesus. The retreat invites reflection on
how we take advantage of our lives, and how we live the Gospel.

A break from everyday life

In today's society goes much of our time is spent communicating with other people. Ping e-mails, phone calls, radio and TV broadcasts around the clock. The world is big and we want to keep up. Modern man is constantly connected, constantly reachable. But amid this whirl of information, it is easy to lose grip on the soul.

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On the retreat

Going on retreat is that for a few days shy away. Jesus sought out sometimes to places to rest and gather strength. (Mark 6: 31). At the retreat is the soul and the spiritual center of attention. Most of the time you are in silence. That way you get a chance to listen inward to their own thoughts retreat is also an opportunity to reflect on their faith and discover more of who God is. The days divided and given rhythm by means of devotions, meditation and meals. In between, there is silence and own time for reflection.



We can accommodate a maximum of 20 participants, so therefore it is important to register in time, before places run out. Deadline for registration is 25 April and made anytime through the website here ->
If you are unable to please
06-8200 9807 or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Full board in single room with sheets 1 350 / person
Room with WC: 120 extra €


EFS Sandvikengården and EFS circuit Compound




Hosts and retreat leader

Our leaders do everything to make your retreat will be as good as possible

Ms Olofsson

Gunillas retreat image

My name is Ms Olofsson and is married to Goran.
We live and work on Oh diocesan outside Ljungkile.
I myself have participated in many retreats and has also been featured as a guide.
It is very nice that as a guide to follow some participants and see what God is doing in their lives for a few days in silence and stillness.

Bengt and Karin Kylberg - host couples

K KylbergB Kylberg

Karin and Bengt Kylberg live in Karlstad and are engaged in the West Coast Church. At Sandvikengården we have been to retreat earlier.
It's a good place to stay up and listen inward. It can provide clarity and new entrances in the labyrinth of life.

Niklas Lindén

My name is Niklas Lindén and is pastor in Tallå church in Edane, which is part of the equmenia church. 1982 I meet Franciscan spirituality which became a great source of inspiration because Francisus emphasizes the joy, love and simplicity. Here comes the retreat into my life that I also encourage others to. To seek God in prayer and listen to His voice.



from 1700 arrival and accommodation
1800 Dinner
Initial talks, the presentation of the retreat as a spiritual path
2000 silence begins
2030 Completorium


0730 Fair
0800 Breakfast
1000 Guidance / Bible Meditation
1230 noon (sext)
1300 Lunch
1500 Guidance / Bible Meditation
1730 Vesper
1800 Dinner
2030 Completorium


0730 Laudes
0800 Breakfast
1000 Guidance / Bible Meditation
1100 service with communion, silence is broken
1230 Lunch, departure

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