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A break from everyday life

In today's society goes much of our time is spent communicating with other people. Ping e-mails, phone calls, radio and TV broadcasts around the clock. The world is big and we want to keep up. Modern man is constantly connected, constantly reachable. But amid this whirl of information, it is easy to lose grip on the soul.

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On the retreat

Going on retreat is that for a few days shy away. Jesus sought out sometimes to places to rest and gather strength. (Mark 6: 31). At the retreat is the soul and the spiritual center of attention. Most of the time you are in silence. That way you get a chance to listen inward to their own thoughts retreat is also an opportunity to reflect on their faith and discover more of who God is. The days divided and given rhythm by means of devotions, meditation and meals. In between, there is silence and own time for reflection.