Sandviken SPA 2019

Saturday 20 July - Tuesday 23 July!

What is SPA? The word SPA comes from the Latin "salus per aqua" = health through water.

SPA can be summarized in terms of overall thinking for body and mind, harmony and balance, new start and inspiration, active rest and positive experiences.
That's what we want to offer with Sandviken SPA!

Summertime is Sandvikentid and what suits you better than using the fantastic, somewhat secluded location at the lake and in the vicinity of the forest for some stressful days for, with and by women. Days focusing on inner and outer well-being for each one through bathing, good food, forest walks, sauna, good conversation and community, etc. You choose what you want to participate in, all for your own well-being! In particular, the environment must be demand-free and relaxing.

We are leading:

Kajsa Kvarned, huspräst
Lisa Krogdal, image therapist and Deacon
Margaretha Nilsson
course host


Tactile massage
Classic massage
Facial Massage

We offer individual treatments. A course fee is included in the course fee.

If you want more treatments, the fee is 300 NOK per treatment.
You can request up to three treatments including the one included in the course fee.
Please indicate which treatment you wish for at the time of notification

We apply the principle of "first come first served" because the availability of places for treatment
is limited and we try to spread so that "everyone can get something".

SPA17 women in sjo

SPA17 Quarry Solder Bridge 2


In Sandviken SPA, we want to offer a relaxed and restful programs. You can choose to participate in any of the alternatives offered, or just "be" and enjoy.
We start the course on Saturday, July 20 15.30 clock with refreshments and concludes on Tuesday, July 23 13.00 at lunch.


Swim in the lake Värmeln whenever you want
Bath hot tub in the evening
Morning and evening sessions
Song and music
Meditative movement
Time for walking
Time for group conversations indicate interest in notification
Create image, find insights, energy and healing - indicate interest in notification


For registrations before May 15 get 100kr discount on the course fee
Application deadline 1 July.

Sign happy here on the website!
Here ->
Do not forget to fill in what treatments you want and whether you want to participate in group conversations and or create an image, see activities.


For three days, you pay
in the course fee 400: -
The course fee includes participation in picture, group discussions and one treatment, other treatments up to three are optional (300 Kr) in terms of location.

And for the full board

in single 2.300: -
in a shared room 1.900: -
Accommodation cottage desired and obtained + 10%

Full fee applies regardless of the number of days in which you participate.

You can choose to:
WC in room 120: -
Rent sheets and towels 100: -


ETUC Sandvikengården

For more information:
Contact Sandvikengården if you have any questions regarding the course.

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