Sandvikengården today

Sandvikengården today

Sandvikengården is a course and camp owned and operated by the EFS in Värmland since the site received as a gift from the previous owner 1931. Sandvikengården located at Värmelns beach, has its own beach and nice walks in the woods around the farm. The camp has a maximum of just over 100 beds and in our church is a place for 150 people.
Sandvikengården has three full-time employees and about 20 seasonal employees.

Chapel summer

The farm will arrange with their owners ETUC a lot of courses and camps, but we also accept external groups up to 100 people. A smaller part of the system works as a youth hostel through SVIF (Swedish hostel compound) and there is also a canoe center with about 40 canoes.

Sandvikengården's mission is:
Want to be a missionary station in Sweden who spread the Gospel to all, but gives priority to children and youth.
Want to be a home with a relaxing environment that provides space for recreation in the Christian and drug-free environment.
Want to be the meeting point for EFS in Värmland - Northern Dalsland members feel involved and responsible in.
Want to be part of the local EFS work and a resource for EFS in western Sweden.
Want to be an open place for local people.


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