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    Welcome to Sandvikengården camp, hostels and canoe center. In the midst of the woods at Värmelns beach in western Värmland. We can offer a fantastic environment, without luxury but with consideration and esteem.
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Sandvikengården - camp hostel canoe center

In the midst of the woods at Värmelns beach in western Värmland just outside Arvika. We can offer a fantastic environment, without luxury but with consideration and esteem.

Welcome to our serving

Food served for preorder. You can also rent the dining room with seating for 90 people, for your feast, birthday party, wedding etc. Welcome to our room- and holiday rentals open May 15 - 15 September, other times throughout the year by appointment. The farm is able to receive more than 90 people, in a double room about 50 people.

Welcome to our confirmation camps

Should you confirm you? Welcome to our confirmation camp!
We have arranged confirmation camp since 1960 - for over 60 years! Here we give you a memorable camp that could affect you for the rest of your life! On our confirmation camps, you are guided in life's most important questions, you can discover who Jesus is and decide whether he means something to you. That it also gets some nice, fun and eventful summer weeks, it gets you in the bargain :-) Read more about the confirmation camp ...

Welcome to our canoe center in western Värmland 

Sandvikengården western Värmland's oldest canoe center and has about 40 canoes and kayaks with some related equipment that we rent out. We have canoe routes throughout western Värmland and complete transportation services.

Welcome to our church ... 

with space for 150 people, our beach, herb garden, sauna and kiosk.

Canoe package Värmeln

Canoe beach

Everything you need for a one-week canoe trip on Värmeln.
Included in the package: Canoe INCAS AL 525, trail description, map, canoe cart, pack thin, tarpaulin, shovel, life jackets, ropes and the garbage bag. Ability to select the tent, camping stove mm.

Price for a canoe,
two people:
2 200 Kr

Price for two canoes,
four people:
4 200 Kr


Camp and training center

Sandviken farm camp and retreat center has received groups of over 80 years! Camp farmhouse can accommodate up to 100 accommodation.

Children and youths at the camp, as well as adults on course days, this finding affordable accommodation with many possibilities.
Contact us for more information and quotes!



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