Sandvikengården can during the pre-and post-season rented self-catering groups.

Even during times that the farm rented self-catering farm is also open to others, although the number of stray guests during the pre-and post-season is limited. This implies that also self-catering groups must take some account of other activities that may be on the farm. It is self-catering group will be responsible for the day and departure cleaning of all unutilized facilities. This responsibility, however, for a fee, taken over by the farm staff on request when booking.

Normally, all the farm premises in the catering fee. But when other guests on the farm must be possible for them to access facilities such as dining room and pantry.
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:: We accept reservations of groups exceeding two years in the future! :: Although a period is booked, we often receive a further group. Contact us for information! ::

:: During the low season (September to May), we normally do not accept groups over 20 people, but you have a small group, we try to find another group that you can share with the farm. Contact us for more information! ::

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