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For you as a result of the visit Sandvikengården

Welcome to Värmland and Sandvikengården, greet your Evangelical Lands Foundation in Värmland is Sandviken The farm's owner and who is an independent missionary organization within the Swedish Church!
We are pleased that you have shown interest or booked you on our farm, and we hope and believe that you will get on well with us. Here is some information that may be helpful to have before your visit.

An old history of the farm.
In the early 1900 century owned the farm, which was called Hagen, Anna Hagen, a woman who lived her life fully mission thing. In the age where she donated the farm to the missionary movement, because it would be a resting place for returning missionaries. As the need that this was not great was filled yard instead of camps and courses and then the first camp has 1930 100.000's guests visited the farm.

The meals are normally served at the following times:
Breakfast 8.15 - 9.00
Packed 12.00 - 13.00
Coffee about 15.00
Supper 17.00 - 18.00
Coffee about 20.30
All times are adjusted to your wishes if you let us know when booking. Then there is also the opportunity to complete the booking with eg morning coffee or if desired to opt out of parts of the food served.
For breakfast we serve porridge and file, sandwiches, coffee and tea. The lunch that is our main goal consists of one main course, drink and coffee sometimes dessert. For supper are served a simple main course and butter, bread and drink. Are vegetarians, allergy sufferers and diabetics in the group so please notify in advance before arrival. If you wish to use the kiosk is good if you decide a few times a day when we will hold it open.


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