GENERALLY: These rules apply to individual guests. We do not accept groups of more than 3 canoes due to restrictions in the Right of Public Access.

ONLINE BOOKING: For online booking, special condition see HERE>

BOOKING: is binding for both customers and Sandvikengården, as confirmed. Confirmation can be done orally, by mail or in writing. If an agreement has been made by telephone, this is valid as confirmation. When booking, name, telephone and e-mail address must be provided. 

E-MAIL: Booking by e-mail should always be accompanied by an acknowledgment from the canoe center to be valid.

INCECKNINGSTID: 09.30 - 18.00. 

Check-out: By 19.00 

RETURNING MATERIALS: This guest is liable for damaged and lost equipment. The return of the material, all material shall be clean and undamaged.

TRANSFER: Our regular shuttle service start time is it 10.00, but other times can occur. If other start time, please notify Sandvikengården least one week prior to arrival.
If the transfer is desired at the end of the tour must be booked this three hours before the desired download time! Pickups can be arranged between the hours 12.30 - 16.30.

CANCELLATION AND NON-ARRIVAL: Cancellation must be made no later than at 10.00 days before arrival, unless otherwise agreed. Cancel later charged half the estimated fee. This also applies to non-arrival.

LEAVE BEFORE THE AGREED PERIOD: No refund of the fee obtained from the broken canoe trip.

PAYMENT: Takes place at check-in or if agreed on account no later than 10 days before arrival. Sandvikengårdens Plusgirokonto 64 19 49 - 3 Bankgirokonto 729-6353 Iban SE3280000008431932047110 Swiftkod SWEDSESS

RESPONSIBILITIES: The guest is responsible for damage that he or his guests cause during the canoe trip. All paddling is at your own risk. By studying the itinerary, the weather situation and the water situation, you must adapt the trip to your experience. Contact us if you have any questions!

Force Majeure: If the trip can not be carried out due to an obstacle beyond Sandvikengård's control that the organizer could not reasonably be expected to have counted on when the agreement was concluded and the consequences of which it could not reasonably have avoided or overcome, Sandvikengården is free from liability or other penalties. The same applies even if the trip's suspension depends on someone who hired the farm or another in the previous section. 

Subject to legislative changes and price changes that are beyond our control.


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