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Canoe rentals Arvika - canoeing across western Värmland

Sandvikengården is western Värmland oldest canoe center just outside Arvika. We have 40 canoes and a few kayaks and related equipment that we rent out. We also hire out tents, camp stoves and other things that might be good for canoe trips.

At Sandvikengården there are also rooms and cottages for rent, a small campsite, swimming, dining, kiosk, church, shower and sauna.

Canoeing on the trails for a canoe trip on one to about ten days in most of the western Värmland. We have complete transportation services and run almost every day new canoe guests for a canoe adventure to one of the starting points for the tour. At booking, you get a complete roadmap for the route you choose.

Please note that we do not allow groups over three canoes (6 people).

Usually we start the journey to the starting point at 10.00 and transportation can not be arranged after the clock 16.00.

Welcome to Värmland! Natural and cultural landscapes. A landscape of the wilderness untouched forests, blue mountains and glittering canoeing and fishing. The option for those looking for the silence of loneliness, togetherness with nature or interaction with other adventurers.

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Canoe Package Köla River


Everything you need for a week-long canoe trip on the Köla River.
The following is included in the package: Canoe INCAS AL 525, route description, map, canoe cart, packing barrel, tarpaulin, shovel, life jackets, rope, garbage bag and transport to the starting point in Skillingmark. Opportunity to choose from, tents, storm kitchens etc.

Price for a canoe,
two people:
3 650 SEK

Price for two canoes,
four people:
5 800 SEK

Canoe package Värmeln

Canoe beach

Everything you need for a one-week canoe trip on Värmeln.
Included in the package: Canoe INCAS AL 525, trail description, map, canoe cart, pack thin, tarpaulin, shovel, life jackets, ropes and the garbage bag. Ability to select the tent, camping stove mm.

Price for a canoe,
two people:

Price for two canoes,
four people:



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