Gamla Tider 2021 - 12 -17 juli

Gamla Tider is our very popular craft camp where you choose a craft to try during a wonderful holiday week. This year we hope and believe that it will be possible to run Gamla Tider again. We will of course put safety first and together we can help each other so that everyone feels safe and secure in meeting again.

Registration opens on Wednesday 12 May at 11:00. 

Welcome to register!

For Old Times will be to learn something new, enjoy the summer, the food and the good community, without the requirement but with the possibility of an active holiday. 
For Old Times will be alone or together with the rest of the family. For children organized their own activities.
Many of our participants come again year after year and during the more than 30 years of the course we have had over 2000 participants.
Do you want to be with so it is best that you register in advance, the course is often fully booked!

Welcome to Old Times!


Old Time program

Due to the corona pandemic may not be adjustments to the program may be necessary. It can e.g. apply to meals and the joint gatherings, in the morning and in the evening.

The course begins Monday 12 July at 13.00 with check-in and lunch 14.00. Next, we have a brief introduction before we go to our craft groups. You participate in a course throughout the week.

At the same time, the Emil & Ida group has its first collection. In the evening we gather for camp night for old and young. Tuesday through Friday, the days begin with a morning gathering in the chapel, after which we work in our craft groups between 9.45 - 15.30 with breaks for lunch and coffee.

Friday evening we have our big barbecue with exhibition of our craft, the evening ends with a family Mass in the chapel. The course ends on Saturday 17 July at 10.00.

Our course modules

At Old Times you take part in a course during the whole week. We have eight different crafts to choose from this year. For the course to be completed, five adult participants are required and several courses have a maximum number of participants, so it is necessary that you specify at least two different wishes for the course. You can also attend the week without choosing any craft. 
Read more about the modules 2021 ->

excited cans

Courses 2021:

 One week in the wool world :: acrylic Painting :: Släkktforskning - you start ::  fence Construction :: Pilkorgsflätning :: Fresh wood :: Forging  :: Candle casting :: Emil & Ida :: Farm fixer

Course fee

Course fee for adult participants 1000: -
Course fee for children or young people who wish to participate in a craft group, (not Emil & Ida) SEK 500

Full board in:

Single 3.550: -
in a shared room 2.750: -

Children between 12 - 15 years 1.600: -
Children between 7 - 11 years 800: -

If you wish and stay in a cottage or in a newly renovated room with shower, 10% is added to the help rate.

This year we have the opportunity for a simpler living in two newly built cottages (9m2). They have 4 beds in bunk beds, and lack completely water and drains. Preferably rented out to 4 people sharing the cottage.
Price per person:
Adult: 1.900: -
12 years: 15: -
7 - 11: 650: -

There is also the possibility to live in your own tent, caravan or other external accommodation: 
Adult: 1.400: -
12 years: 15: -
7 - 11: 400: -

For all options, you can (if available) choose if you want the room in the room. Additions per adult will then be 200: -.


about 200 - 900: - depending on the group and how diligent you are. The workpiece material is paid directly to your craft leaders.

Arrival Sunday

Want to get the day before, you must book it directly at registration.


Deadline for registration is Friday 18 June. Be out in good time as the course is often fully subscribed early. For each craft group to get rid of At least five adult participants. It is therefore necessary that you also make a second choice!

The places for the entire course and the modules are distributed according to the registration time.

If Gamla Tider cannot be implemented or if you do not fit among the ones that are possible to receive, you will receive a message no later than Monday 28 June.

Registration opens on Wednesday 12 May at 11:00. 
Sign up directly here on the website Here ->
Camp fires

We are leading

Course hosted by:
Ellen Johansson, Gothenburg and Jan Erik Lundberg, Arvika

Kaplan: Erik Johansson, Uppsala

Emil and IdaOrganizer:

EFS Sandvikengården in partnership with Sensus educational

For more information:

Contact Sandvikengården if you have any questions regarding the course.


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