Emma, ​​Dyrön confirmation 2008

How did you think it was to confirm you in Sandvikengården?
- I was very excited to get to know new people. We came up with an lot of things. Cozy atmosphere, everyone was happy and nice - the whole experience was very nice at all!

What do you remember best?

- It's probably andakterna I think. And supper too. It was so nice the whole thing.

What would you say to someone who is looking to learn the Sandvikengården?
- That it feels like a more fun option than to go a whole year in the church and once a week to go to classes. You get new friends and hear how others see different things, it was exciting. You had so many new ideas and thoughts that you had to share with others.


Confirmation camp - something completely different

Have you thought about Confirmation?
Then confirmation camp perhaps the best method!

camp Confirmation are different
camp Confirmation is - fun - we promise!
camp Confirmation is - Rewarding.

HikeWe work with the camp confirmation is not hard to see why our catechist is so pleased with his konfatid. Here we present a few reasons:
As confirmation camp on Sandvikengården you get, among other things:
• New friends from all over Sweden
• Committed, hand-picked and young leaders who truly believe in what they do.
• A whole month of intense fellowship, play and seriousness.
• Stay in a fantastic place with unique opportunities for canoeing, adventure and swimming.

Our catechist words year after year that they are after the course has matured and developed both personally, spiritually, creatively and socially, and many speak afterwards if confirmation camp as a "life investment".

On Sandvikengården we invest in theater, dance, music and creative activities and outdoor life, canoeing, sports, football and volleyball, as a complement to the confirmation teaching so that the teenagers get the most out of their time with us.


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