Confirmation time 
The confirmation period is an important time, which you should try to take good care of. It is not primarily for giving you some wonderful summer weeks, but first of all wants to be a guide in life's most important issues. Our highest goal is to help you reach a conscious and true Christian life! The goal is to show the life in Christ by giving the confirmands: 
• Attachment to interpret his life in baptism because
• Opportunity to highlight the issues they themselves carry the 
• Experience of Christian faith and church life is all about the central questions of life 
• Experience of community worship and devotion 
• Ability to be affected by and take a position on the church's message 
• Allows users to express their faith and doubt 

Students, Visitors 
Konfirmantionslägret is open to young people in VT 23 are in grades 8. We normally receive 44 participants. Family members are welcome to visit the camp, primarily Sundays with worship at. 11.00, and the free time then. 

Confirmation candidates live in two- to quadruple. On the days we have lessons, theme nights, music, theater, drama, swimming, canoeing, outdoor activities, sports, football, volleyball, and daily devotions. We also tend to make a longer day trip. The fee, which is subsidized, inter alia, of your home church, includes the cost of all activities, meals, study materials (except note materials), tours, guide fees, etc. 

The 2023 camp will be tentatively held on Wednesday 14 June to Saturday 8 July. A mandatory after-meeting is planned for a weekend in September or October, but we have no pre-meeting. The call takes place on Wednesday 14 June at 16.00 

Takes place on Saturday 8 July, in Brunskogs Kyrka at 11.00. Coffee for relatives at EFS Sandvikengården at 9.00. Confirmation with the Lord's Holy Communion in Brunskogs Church, after which there is an opportunity to participate in a feast and socializing for the relatives at Sandvikengården (more information about the socializing, number of guests that can be received, price etc. is sent out at the start of the course). 

Bring to confirmation camp
• Bed linen, toiletries, and if you have a sleeping bag, sleeping pad for ev. outing. 
• On confirmation boys wearing dark trousers and white shirt, possibly dark tie. The girls are dressed in white, people often have a white dress or white skirt and blouse. (We do not cover) 
• Confirmation Bible (full Bible) We use the latest translation. If you do not have a Bible, you can get one here.