How you prepare 
• by reading the Gospel of Mark as an introduction to the Christian message. 
• by regularly visiting religious services during the time before the camp and filling in the church attendance book that you will receive after your final registration. 

Course fee
The fee for 2024 is SEK 10 incl. notification dept. and late payment, which is paid no later than at the start of the course at BG 500-729. Of the course fee, SEK 6353 must be paid as registration fee upon final registration. (The so-called confirmand clearing from your home congregation is deducted from the fee.) In case rebid no later than March 2, half the registration fee is refunded. Anyone who cancels an ongoing course for any reason will not receive a refund of the fee paid. 

A few rules and remember 
• We show respect for each other, neighbors and other visitors. 
• We always have one or more of the company when asked. 
• Smoking is not desirable. Sandvikengården is a smoke-and drug-free environment. 
• Stereo with speakers allowed. However, you may use iPod / MP3 player in his own room. Otherwise, we play music themselves! 
• We do not bring their own computers to the camp. 

Course leaders have the right to send home those who knowingly violate these rules and with his behavior deliberately counteracts the course objective. 

Contact Us 
EFS Sandvikengården, 671 94 Brunskog 
Phone: 0570 - 500 25. 
E - mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
If you want to get in touch with a confirmand or other guests, you call the camp priest, safest at meals.

Welcome to a few memorable weeks in the summer! 
Thomas of the Netherlands
Farm manager