Sandvikengården today

Sandvikengården today

Sandvikengården is a course and camp owned and operated by the EFS in Värmland since the site received as a gift from the previous owner 1931. Sandvikengården located at Värmelns beach, has its own beach and nice walks in the woods around the farm. The camp has a maximum of just over 100 beds and in our church is a place for 150 people.
Sandvikengården has three full-time employees and about 20 seasonal employees.

Chapel summer

Together with its owner EFS, the farm organizes a lot of courses and camps, but we also accept external groups of up to 100 people. A smaller part of the facility functions as a cottage village and there is also a canoe center with about 40 canoes.

Sandvikengården's mission is:
Want to be a missionary station in Sweden who spread the Gospel to all, but gives priority to children and youth.
Want to be a home with a relaxing environment that provides space for recreation in the Christian and drug-free environment.
Want to be the meeting point for EFS in Värmland - Northern Dalsland members feel involved and responsible in.
Want to be part of the local EFS work and a resource for EFS in western Sweden.
Want to be an open place for local people. 

Information from Sandvikengården in connection with the corona virus

With care for guests and employees, Sandvikengården closely monitors the development of the coronavirus covid-19. We have established routines and plans to protect the health of our guests and our staff. We follow the recommendations of the Public Health Authority, the Swedish Food Agency and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Guidelines, dates and information may be updated on an ongoing basis.

To the extent possible, we want to be able to receive booked guests. We take the necessary steps to make you feel safe during your stay in the yard. This means extra cleaning and cleaning with disinfection. We follow the recommendations set by the Swedish National Food Administration for food service, but adapt to the wishes of the guests. To the extent of space and wishes, we try to provide our own rooms for overnight guests rather than sharing the rooms. If someone falls ill during their stay, we will provide empty rooms / cabins in case someone needs to be quarantined.


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