1991 (winter) and the spring of 1992, the new staff house, a new hygiene building with sauna, showers and treatment plants and also Humsjöstugan, which has been paid for by the EFS association in Gräsmark, are being built.
1992 The so-called Bible and OAS Days are organized for the first time. 
1994 the complete renovation of Läsarstugan will begin. All previous interior walls are removed and a completely new layout of the building takes place. The work continues in stages, in February the construction of a steamboat pier is underway so that, among other things, the local community association's passenger boat can dock at Sandvikengården. 
1995-1996. ALU worker constructs a Bible Örtagård an idea by Per Erik Frykberg. In örtagårdern are herbs mentioned in the Bible. Each herb has an information board. In a special section are the seven herbs, part of the women's church once bouquet.
Lilies in the herb garden1996 During the winter spring, ALU workers are working on the refurbishment of the barn below Björkliden. By agreement with the owner of the barn, Ingrid Lindeby, Sandvikengården is allowed to use the barnyard and lodge to use it as a arts and crafts gallery for four summer weeks, which has open four Christmas presents this year. 
1996 In the summer's New Times course, a group produces a solar collector. It is mounted on the gable of the dining room and is expected to produce 6 kilowatt hot water for the kitchen.  
1996 Ahead of the new operating season, the upper floor of Läsarstugan is ready. A conference room and a day room have been set up as well as a kitchenette and two toilets with showers are now upstairs. Three roof domes mean that the spaces have good light and a nice view. During the summer and autumn, a new roof tile is laid. 
1997 In the spring, work is underway to complete the total renovation of the browser cottage. New rooms fitted out in the angular building, formerly confirmation courtroom. The work is mostly done by volunteers. Now there 11 rooms, of which eight have a toilet. In the fall, the change of Browser infront of the front panel complete. Began 1995. 14 cm insulation.
1997 The spring break breaks the farm's fine boat dock, which means that the Vermel passenger boat can not add to the weather 
1998 get Sandvikengården a deed of gift from John Persson Gullsbyn. The gift consists of his agricultural property and residential building in Gullsbyn and is valued at approximately 2,5 million.
During the summer season takes seven burglaries on the estate, including the theft of the cash register. Burglary protection is further enhanced by this.
1998 In early November, the dining room is insulated from the outside. Five volunteers and the farm manager work for about four days and then have only one long side left to dress with boards.
1998 Simultaneously with the canteen isolated Sture Edström worked to tighten before the window of the camp cottage, which until now had only one window. The windows have been delivered by Grums carpentry.
1998 21 November formed interest compound Sandviken farm Friends. An interim board is formed. The society's statutes states that the association has the task "to promote the farm's development, operations and finances." The association's initiator: Per Erik Frykberg
1999 One week in mid-March isolated ceiling in the dining room. First takbräderna taken down, then nailed a rule timber up, 140 mm insulation and then the old roof boards are nailed in place. Einar Engström, Karl Erik Anteryd, Martin and Per -Erik Frykberg perform the work.
1999 Sandviken farm Friends have undertaken to 1999- 2001 paint on most of the farm buildings. 8 May first painting day by ten painters. Two more days paint- be arranged during the summer-autumn.
1999 Hired assistant farm director Bo Olsson, Edane on 60% in May to November.
1999 the 5 June based 10-11 men a pavilion of about 20 sq m below the dining room. Crawling space, loose timber and reuse windows, doors and roof tiles.
1999 Three weeks in July's Gallery Dä'r Nole open. The fourth season and the last.


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