About us
Sandviken farm kommunitet is a Christian community of mainly young people but also older people who at various times have been reached on Sandvikengården. We work, pray and live together in the courtyard during the summer. 
The community has a SALT association, but membership is open to all regardless of whether you are in the association or not. Anyone wishing to be involved are involved.

If prayers
Prayer is central to the community. Four times each day prayer is held at specific times. Some pray these prayers throughout the year. Having set times for prayer does not play out the free prayer. These so-called tideböner can instead help us not to forget the relationship with God. When every day we set aside a specific time for prayer centered our lives around this relationship. 

Ned is the schedule of sandviken farm prayers. These prayers are prayed throughout the summer from the 12 12 June to August. All prayers are open for participation. Sometimes the staff work too far away from the farm to be home for prayers, which means you may find that no one is in the chapel at the right time. Either we gone or we ask in the library. See you!

8: 45 Laudes (Morning)
12: 15 Sept (afternoon prayer)
20: 45 Vesper (prayers)
23: 00 Compline (evening prayer)

Financial support
Sandviken farm kommunitet also conducts several other activities during the year. In 2015 we will have gathered, we at least ten times during the year. Orebro camps, girls weekend, kill weekend, confirmation camps, midsummer camp, summer week sports camp, music camp, reunion, All Saints' camp. Partly stands Sandvikengården, ETUC Phoenix and the Swedish Church for the economy. But feel free to make a donation! Several of the community give their tithes to the work that we can continue! Please come and visit one of our camps. Information about these can be found here on the website under "Classes". 

To provide support to work, you can send your gift marked "the community" to Sandvikengården.
Bank account:  729-6353  plusgiro: 64 19 49-3 
Iban: SE3280000008431932047110 Swift Code: SWEDSESS.

Contacts for the community is currently: 
Emanuel Gillberg 076 239 71 39 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


671 94 Brunskog
telephone Kitchen
+ 46 (0) 570 50025
+ 46 (0) 570 50025
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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64 19 49-3
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