Equipment for the canoe trip

The canoe
We use Linder  aluminum canoe 525 (cm) which weighs 38 kg and is approved for 3 people with a maximum weight of 400 kg. An aluminum canoe is durable, but never walk or sit in the canoe when it is on land
Life jacket 
The life jacket should always be on during a canoe ride. It is your most important safety equipment!
The length of the paddles should be between the chin and the nose, the person who is furthest is suitably placed in the back of the canoe.
The canoe cart is used for land transport of the canoe. Place the cart in the middle of the canoe so that it is balanced. Fasten the canoe with the two straps. The canoe cart does not float without it must be rooted in the canoe!
pack Thin 
Waterproof pack thin on 60 liters. In the barrel to store your most valuable equipment (for the tour).
The two ropes supplied are used, inter alia, to anchor the gasket in the canoe. The packing slip out and float separately attached by rope.
The shovel is used primarily for your toilet. Dig a 10-15 cm deep hole and then cover carefully.
Garbage Bag
To your garbage during the journey. The bins found along the trail are normally private and sheep want to be used unless it is quite obvious that they are not private. The garbage bag is taken back to Sandvikengården!