The price for the camp is 1.050kr. This includes full board and all activities except golf.
Last year's winner

Bumperballs, Volleyball, Golf, Physics, KRIK-mix and Bible seminars are the various activities you can choose to tailor your SMASH camp. The activity pass will be interspersed with the municipality's prayer life, teaching seminars and small groups. The camp's last night will be fired with the classic battle of Värmeln: GoatWater!

Here are the activities you can choose from:
Krik stands for Christian Sports Contact and is a Christian organization working to unite the joy of faith and sport. If you decide it's the passport, you can try out fun sports, try out new games and see how sport and faith go hand in hand!

What would SMASH be without a real smash on the volleyball court?
Even if you consider you to be a volleyball champion or not, you can be calm. Our professional leaders will quickly help you get a world-class dredging team! Exciting matches and hard duels will be fought on the volleyball court, be sure.

The success of the previous years is back!
But what's up for now? In short: football with a "small" twist.
4 Quick Tips:
  1. Drag the plastic ball over you.
  2. Snack through the tactics with your teammates.
  3. Köööör!
  4. ... try not to be defeated by the opponents.
What else do you need to say? Do not want to miss this!

One of the year's news! Whether you think you are in line with Henrik Stenson or Stig Helmer Olsson, you are offered the opportunity to play one of the world's oldest and most beautiful sports, according to our golf instructors. Closer to the PGA Tour yet, you have not come. FORE!

NB Golf costs 50kr extra for balls.

ice sessions:
Few things tops the feeling you have after driving through your body with a real physical pass. Tie the shoes properly to follow the trails in the Värmland forests and prepare tomorrow for a workout disorder you have not experienced before.

As Christians, we believe that God talks and strengthens us in different ways, including through the Bible. Why not stay up in all the fast-paced activities to get the Spirit physical, and instead challenge yourself with the Bible in hand? Prepare for a test that will make you grow as a human being!

NB You can only choose an activity once, except the Bible Seminar.


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