Everyman's right not only gives rights to nature but also obligations to live up to.

It requires responsibility, judgment and consideration. We do not allow groups over three canoes.

You must not cross over land or land that can be damaged. Even residences on sites that are not fenced have the right to be in peace, pass at least 100 meters away. Do not forget to close if necessary. Gates after you. You must not go ashore at private docks.
Camping one day on suitable land that are remote from the living areas is allowed. At night in the larger group, the landowner asked. Leave the soil as if you have not been there. You may not camp on the beaches and similar public areas.
The law's rules on aging are strict. During your canoe trip, you can get fired at the arranged fire places in connection with the wind shelters that are after the fire. Lighting is permitted only if there is no risk of fire or other damage and is completely prohibited in Norway. Never cook in dry or windy weather. You can call 054-15 50 15 (answering machine) to get the current information on possible. fire risk. Be very careful to extinguish yourself! The availability of wood is very limited and it collects you from the ground in the forest.
Bathing and mooring of a boat or canoe is permitted as long as it is not on or in close proximity to the site or where there may be special rules such as bird sheltered area.
on someone else's water is almost always allowed. Do not leave any traces of you in the form of eg. debris, fireplaces (own fireplaces may NOT be built!) or wind shelter. Bring all the waste and dig down stools and toilet paper at least a decimeter.
You may pick
wild berries, mushrooms, fallen branches and dry rice and wild flowers that are not protected. However, you may not take twigs, branches, bark, leaves, acorns, nuts or resin from growing trees or shrubs.

In order to fish in our lakes requires a fishing license. We sell the municipal and canoe trail license.

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