Become a monthly donor - Sandvikengynner - you too!

Virtually all that for shorter or longer visits Sandvikengården expresses his excitement over the ambience, service and the programs offered. Day visitors, participants in courses, camps and church services, kanothyrare, coffee, food and bathers think that course and camp is Sandvikengården a favorite spot.

As Sandviken Patrons can participate in the farm's continued development! To conduct activities for children and young people need financial support. Each year, the farm needs at least 200.000 crowns in gifts to support the business.

How do YOU ​​become a Sandviken Patrons?

A Sandvik developer promises to give a gift to the farm every month. Your contribution is automatically deducted from your account, through automatic transfer or Autogiro.

Simplest may be to give by transfer, you can then set up a recurring transfer via your internet bank. Enter our clnr 8431-9 (in some banks, the last digit is not specified) account number 3 204 711-0. Enter your social security number as your payment reference.

You can also, of course, support Sandvikengården with a lump sum.
You can leave your gift by Swisha to 123-362 21 07 or BG 729-6353 PG 641949-3.

Enter your email address when paying, or send an email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., if you want to share our weekly newsletter with information about what's happening on the farm.

You register directly below, via our website Direct Debit.
Easy for you and easy administration. To register for Autogiro here, you need to identify with Bank ID.

Register as Sandviken Patrons here ->

Direct Debit

We are happy to answer questions

Tel 0570-500 25 we will be happy to questions that you may have after you have taken note of this information. Thanks for your support!


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