We would like to take care of your school camp for a few days.

We believe, almost know, that we have the right conditions for a successful stay for your class. We are happy to put together a package according to your wishes. Many schools have visited us over the years. Often it is some of the children who have themselves participated in some other event on the farm who have experienced what a wonderful place Sandvikengården can be. And then they come back.
We hope you will too!


We can offer ...

* Accommodation in all standards, from the shelter-tent to room with WC

* Canoe adventure - For an hour or several days. Maybe a trip to an island for grilling or just a simple cup of coffee? We are happy to help with a simple canoe school.

* What is hidden in the woods? Outdoor activities and sports. Cooking over an open fire on the stove or in a pit of fire. Soccer and volleyball. Bad!

The food should be tasty and nutritious. You decide how much help you want, arrange everything ourselves that our chef handles all the cooking for you. If you choose to arrange the food ourselves, we can also take home commodity package of what is needed for your cooking, it saves you the hassle of calculation, residues or to the taking of food.

* Visit Old Vala and try some old craft or take the bus to Automotive Museum in Arvika. We work with a bus company and can book the bus for your purposes.

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Reservations groups

Want to check the booking situation for a particular date?
Maybe you want to check if there is any free time for your group?
Here you can see all group bookings - online - directly from our booking system! 

:: We accept reservations of groups exceeding two years in the future! :: Although a period is booked, we often receive a further group. Contact us for information! ::

:: During the low season (September to May), we normally do not accept groups over 20 people, but you have a small group, we try to find another group that you can share with the farm. Contact us for more information! ::

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