Autumn conference for big & small 2021

Theme: Do not quench the Spirit (1 Thessalonians 5:19)

Date: 8 -10 October 2021

"Do not quench the Spirit!" urges Paul in the epistle text included in the reading for Sunday during our forthcoming Autumn Conference. He does so in a long shock of exhortations (chapter 5) where the main message is to persevere and cling to Christ in a world of trial until the moment "when our Lord Jesus Christ comes" (5:23).

In these times of restrictions and exceptions, several of the most important expressions of Christian everyday life - worship, song, fellowship and communion - have been banned and many have succumbed to loneliness and hopelessness. How do we keep the flame burning and the closeness to Christ in times like these? Where is my identity and security as a Christian in times when the church is forced to close and how do we not to extinguish our relationship with the Living God even in times of hardship?

Vincent Ihlberg - newly installed priest in EFS Karlstad - will lead us in this reflection by sharing his thoughts on "Living in the presence of God". We confess a God who is faithful even when we are unfaithful, loving even when we are loveless and merciful where we do not show mercy. Let us seek this God together at Sandvikengården's autumn conference and together seek to live in His presence and let Him keep our spirits burning!

Keynote speakers

Vincent Ihlberg

Children and youth leaders

 The children's conference: Elias and Sopia Tranefeldt, Tomas and Lovisa Nilsson
Youth Conference: Emanuel Gillberg, Elias Tranefeldt


Conference host: Kristina Stenmark
Keynote speakers: Vincent Ihlberg
Praise and time prayer: Lovisa F, Sophia Tranefeldt, Elin Ihlberg (piano at time prayer)
The children's conference: Elias and Sopia Tranefeldt, Tomas and Lovisa Nilsson
Youth conference: Emanuel Gillberg, Elias Tranefeldt
Sermon: Elias Tranefeldt, Vincent Ihlberg

Program for 2021 (Preliminary)

Friday 8 / 10
18.00 Dinner, check-in
19.30 Evening meeting with praise and intercession. Pred. Elias Tranefeldt - With subsequent evening coffee. The hot tub.
22.00 Completorium

Hot tub cont.

Saturday 9 / 10
08.15 Laudes (Morning)
08.30 Breakfast
09.30 "Here I am - who are you?"
10.30 Refreshments
11.00 "Do not quench the Spirit" with Vincent Ihlberg - The Church Hall
12.00 Sept. (Lunchbön)
12.15 Lunch, rest, walk, conversation
14.30 cont. for fm and questions and conversations with Vincent Ihlberg
16.00 Refreshments
16.30 Pilgrimage for those who want
17.30 supper
19.00 Mass with praise and intercession. Vincent Ihlberg. Collection for EFS
Evening coffee.
The hot tub.
22.00 Completorium (Sophia)
hot tub

Sunday 10 / 10
08.45 Laudes (Morning)
09.00 Breakfast
10:00 Listening prayer with Elin Ihlberg.
11.30 Festive service with the participation of the children pred. Tomas Nilsson. Collection for the farm
12.30 Lunch

charge 2021

Course fee: SEK 100 / adult participant full time 
Full board: 1.000 / person to a maximum of 2.000 family.
For members of the ETUC Varmland discount on full board.
Students 15 - 20 years (Not participating with the family) 500 Kr total.
Day guest Saturday: 225 kr day
(Snack, lunch, snack, dinner and conference fee)
Day guest Friday or Sunday pay only the fee for ev. food.

Rooms with WC: 50 SEK extra per person
Single room: 130 SEK extra per night
If accommodation in a cottage (incl. Sandbolstugan) is desired (and obtained) adds 10% to the help rate.
If you want your sheets will be hired to 90 SEK

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EFS circuit Compound  
ETUC Sandvikengården

We hope that the Autumn Conference will give all participants, regardless of age, an opportunity to grow in faith in our living God in a good and warm community. The weekend will be characterized primarily by teaching and worship, but there is also time for self reflection, conversation and togetherness. Everything in Sandvikengård's fantastic environment. Come and be filled with God's living words, inspired by your faith in fellowship with new and old friends!


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