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We have arranged confirmation camp since 1960 - for over 60 years! Here we give you a memorable camp that could affect you for the rest of your life! On our confirmation camps, you are guided in life's most important questions, you can discover who Jesus is and decide whether he means something to you. That it also gets some nice, fun and eventful summer weeks, it gets you into the bargain.

What remember former catechist from his camp?

- The Community and all the new people you get to meet and get to know.
- That there actually was such fun and the lessons and homework was not nearly as annoying as I thought.
- Evening Prayers, excursions, hikes and all the quirks!

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Advice from an old confirmation:

- Sign up and was not afraid to go alone. You'll find new friends Sandvikengården!
- Go on confirmation camp is a fun experience that you will never forget!

Confirmation ...

takes place in Brunskog Church in western Värmland just outside Arvika, who is also co-organizer of the course (about 6 km from Sandvikengården). After confirmation invited you and your family to dinner and other festivities on Sandvikengården.


our leaders on confirmation camp is relatively young, many are themselves confirmed this and has continued to come as leaders year after year.Fresbee

What do we do during the confirmation camp?

Konfirmationsägret going on for nearly four weeks and days devoted to lessons, theme nights, music, drama, swimming, sports, football, volleyball, homework, canoeing and other outdoor activities. We also tend to make a longer day trip. Confirmation candidates live in two- to quadruple.
The fee for the Confirmed Camp, which is subsidized, includes all activities, full board, study material, excursions, executive fees m

What is required for me to be with?

We take up to 44 catechist, so be sure to sign up in time! To confirm you, you should fill in the year 15 years or more. The confirmation is the confirmation of your baptism, you are not already baptized, you will be able to do it during the camp.

ETUC Sandvikengården

run by EFS in Värmland and is located on Lake Värmeln in western Värmland between Arvika and Karlstad.
EFS does Evangelical Lands Foundation and is a movement within the Swedish Church. Confirmation Instruction is carried out in accordance with the Swedish Church's guidelines and is a joint arrangement with Brunskogs congregation.

Confirmation camp - something completely different

Have you thought about Confirmation?
Then confirmation camp perhaps the best method!

camp Confirmation are different
camp Confirmation is - fun - we promise!
camp Confirmation is - Rewarding.

HikeWe work with the camp confirmation is not hard to see why our catechist is so pleased with his konfatid. Here we present a few reasons:
As confirmation camp on Sandvikengården you get, among other things:
• New friends from all over Sweden
• Committed, hand-picked and young leaders who truly believe in what they do.
• A whole month of intense fellowship, play and seriousness.
• Stay in a fantastic place with unique opportunities for canoeing, adventure and swimming.

Our catechist words year after year that they are after the course has matured and developed both personally, spiritually, creatively and socially, and many speak afterwards if confirmation camp as a "life investment".

On Sandvikengården we invest in theater, dance, music and creative activities and outdoor life, canoeing, sports, football and volleyball, as a complement to the confirmation teaching so that the teenagers get the most out of their time with us.


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